About us

Welcome to Saguaro Learning Technologies! We are Javier Leiva and Gemma Bartrina.

The context

Learners and teachers can improve their results dramatically through the use of technology. Digital tools enhance the knowledge acquisition process and help working better with others and increasing productivity.

Working in the learning technology field, we are always discovering and testing tools, trying new working methods, attending to events, etc. Thant means we learn all the time, which is great. And honestly it’s also a lot of fun, so we believe it’s a good idea to make a living from it 🙂

What we do

We advise, train, plan and develop projects, organize events… you name it. If you think we could help you on something, just send us a message and we will be happy to discuss it.

But this website is also a place where we share a big part of the stuff we learn: tools, events, industry news… We are grateful about all the free content we have found along the years, and now we want to give something in return. Enjoy it!