How can technology improve learner-centered teaching

John R. Sowash published How to Disrupt your Classroom in 2017, where he recommends introducing more technology in the classroom to give students a more prominent role.

Here are the main ideas John shares on his blog (with some comments from us):

  • Make lessons more interactive: stop giving one way presentations and let students engage and add value to the content that is being shown. You probably know Kahoot! or the Collaborate feature of Nearpod (among others).
  • Make the students present: teaching is the best way to learn, so… give them tools and see what happens! You can also experiment with flipped learning, like Dr. Steven Toaddy and many other teachers.
  • Give options: hyperlinks are the heart of the internet, right? Make different paths available and let students choose the way to go. It’s kind of what Stephen Downes and George Siemens did with their Connectivism and Connective Knowledge MOOC.
  • It’s not about technology: digital tools are great, but learning is the goal. Don’t forget it.

Picture: Kevin Jarrett

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