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Credly empowers the recognition of lifelong achievement by offering the leading platforms for verifying, sharing and managing digital badges and credentials.

Badge Maker

BadgeMaker allow young people to display a range of skills beyond traditional qualifications.

As educators and businesses devise their own badges we are expanding the ways in which young people can personalise their learning. Badges act as a digital form of validation that can be shared with educators and future employers.

Open Badges

The Mozilla Open Badges initiative aims to provide a framework for recording and displaying achievements. Badges—or micro-credentials—offer a digital, bite-sized, portable way to represent the skills you’ve attained.

Open Badge Factory

Open Badge Factory provides the tools your organisation needs to implement a meaningful and sustainable Open Badges system.


Rubric and badging platform for teaching and learning.


CanCred includes Cancred Factory and CanCred Passport:

CanCred Factory is a secure cloud service for organizations
to issue trusted Open Badge eCredentials.
CanCred Passport is a free, easy to use home in the cloud
for Open Badge eCredentials that you earn for yourself.


Badge List helps organizations turn achievements into web-based credentials using the Open Badges standard.